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Meet the Caribbean Colonel


In 1968, Dr. Tony Martin, a Doctor of Naturopathy in nutrition and born in British Guyana, immigrated to the United States, bringing with him secret recipes handed down to him through generations of his family.  He moved to Charlotte, NC in 1986 and opened a small cafe with a menu straight from the heart of the Caribbean. It is named for his mother, Ann, and himself, Tony. 

Anntony’s Caribbean Café has won many awards, received favorable reviews and accolades for its innovative style and tasty island cuisine.  Rotisserie chicken marinated and seasoned for an authentic Caribbean flair has made our restaurants famous. This flavorful fare caused such a stir, Dr. Martin had to create his unique and flavorful sauces and dry spices for retail sale.

These sauces and dry spices/rubs are so unique and versatile they can be used for marinating, dipping, topping, in beverages or just boasting to your guests that you’ve discovered a new secret recipe. 
Anntony’s products are unparalleled, using specially blended herbs and spices distinctive to the Caribbean. They bring a special flavor to any dish.

Try one of our products today, and as Dr. Martin says: “Hey Mon! - Don’t Worry ‘bout nothing"

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